📦 How long will it take for for my PC to arrive?

Build Redux Shipping Times

Shipping & Delivery times are subject to change depending on FedEx schedules, weather delays, and supply chain disruptions. On average, it will take about 5 days to process the order to inventory after the purchase is made. Once the order is processed through inventory our current estimate on shipping the PC is up to 7 days.

Please note, the days below are estimations that have not factored in delays caused by supply or backlog.

- Inventory processing: 1-5 days

- Assembly of PC: 1-2 days 

- Testing and QA: 1-2 days

- Quality Assurance: 1-2 days

- Packaging and shipping: 1-2 days

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your order, please contact one of our support agents to assist you via (Submit Request) or email (support@buildredux.com)