📦 How long will it take for for my PC to arrive?

Update November 30th, 2022:

Due to high demand from the holidays, we are expecting shipping to be delayed around 1-2 weeks. We apologize for the delay.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your order, please contact one of our support agents to assist you via (Submit Request) or email (support@buildredux.com)

Build Redux Shipping Times 

Shipping & Delivery times are subject to change depending on FedEx schedules, weather delays, supply chain disruptions, and the Holiday Season. On average, it should take about 5 days to process the order to inventory after the purchase is made. Once the order is processed through inventory our current estimate on shipping the PC is up to 7 days. 

Please note, the days below are estimations that have not factored in delays caused by supply or backlog.

- Inventory processing: 1-5 days

- Assembly of PC: 1-2 days 

- Testing and QA: 1-2 days

- Quality Assurance: 1-2 days

- Packaging and shipping: 1-2 days