👨‍💻 Warranty Replacement Shipping Guide



How to Pack Warranty Replacement parts

 Advance Warranty Replacement

With Advance Warranty Replacement, Build Redux will ship you the replacement part first. Once the new part is received, you can then mail the original part back. This applies to systems within the first year of ownership.

Some parts may or may not fit in the same box the new parts came in. This guide will guide you through both situations.

For standard Warranty Replacement, skip to the Standard Warranty Replacement section.

Replacement video card is identical to the original


Once you receive the new video card, unbox it. If you received the identical card to your original, use the boxing Build Redux sent to package the old item.


mceclip1.png mceclip2.png

Place the old video card in the anti-static bag.

Place the video card back in your box. Be sure to re-use any foam inserts that came in the box, packing the GPU exactly how it came.

Replacement video Card is larger than the original


In some cases, your old video card may be smaller than the new video card. Without additional packaging, this will cause the video card to bounce around during shipping causing extensive damage.


The empty space between the video card and packaging must be tightly filled. This can be done with foam scraps, newsprint, or packing paper as seen above.


Whichever material is used it must pack in tightly, preventing the video card from moving at all.   


You may also get a card that is similar in size but from a different manufacturer. As long as the card fits securely in the box and you use packing material to fill any gaps caused by a slightly different shape, this should work fine.


If the video card is shorter, you may also need to pack additional material on top of the video card to prevent it from shifting up and down.      

Replacement video Card is smaller than the original


Sometimes you may receive a replacement video card that is smaller than your original one. When this happens your old card likely will not fit in the box your new one came in.  Above you can see the old video card is the same size as the box.


If this happens do not try to jam the card in to the box.      

In this instance you will have to get a cardboard box and packing materials large enough to fit the video card safely.

For Standard Warranty Replacement and Advanced Warranty Replacement Where A New Box Is Needed.


The below section is extremely important.


Most shipping centers will have the materials necessary to safely package and ship your system.


Whether you box it yourself or use a shipping center to box your video card, make sure the card is packaged appropriately based on the guide below.


Not all shipping centers are familiar with what it takes to safely ship a video card so make sure the shipping company is aware of how to pack it properly.


Insurance is also very important. We highly recommend insuring the video card for its full value, in case the shipping company damages it in transport. Before you box anything up, speak to your local shipping center. Some centers will not honor insurance unless it is packed by the shipping center. Each company has different policies so Ask what needs to be done to assure insurance coverage before packing / shipping.


Advanced Warranty replacements where Build Redux has sent the shipping label will already have insurance included.

mceclip9.png mceclip10.png

This box is WAY to small; the card does not even fit.

This may look better but it’s just as bad. The card does not have room for any padding.

Shipping in the above way will guarantee shipping damage which is not covered under warranty.


This box has enough room to safely pack the video card. There is at least 2-3 inches on all sides of the card.  Video cards are large, heavy, and expensive so they require a rather large amount of padding to safely ship through the mail.


mceclip12.png mceclip14.png mceclip15.png

Do not use Packing peanuts.

Do not use Air pillows.

Use bubble wrap.


Bubble wrap is the best material to use. You can get this from just about any shipping company/ post office. 

·        You will need 5-6 feet of bubble wrap, enough to go around the card 3-4 times.

·         Be sure to leave at least 3 inches of bubble wrap on each side of the video card.


Begin wrapping the video card as seen above. The goal is to cover every piece of the card with a multiple thick layers of bubble wrap.


Once wrapped inspect the bubble wrap. Make sure there are no points where the video card is poking through the wrap. Above the video card’s IO shield is almost completely exposed. This will get damaged in shipping.



·         Improperly packed video cards can take extreme damage in shipping.

·         The above card was not packaged properly and is now destroyed.

·        Physical Damage due to improper packaging is not covered under warranty.


Now that your video card is fully padded on all sides, use packing tape to tape the bubble wrap closed. Also tape the ends down as seen above. If in doubt, add more tape.

mceclip22.png mceclip23.png

Put bubble wrap in the bottom of your box.

Place your video card into the box.

mceclip25.png mceclip24.png

Add additional bubble wrap as needed to the top and sides of your video card.

Fill any additional space with packing paper or newsprint. Pack the video card so there is zero room in the box for it to move around.

Now we need to put the order details inside and on the outside of the box. This will let our team know who the part came from and what type of return it is. There are 3 types of return.

mceclip26.png mceclip28.png mceclip29.png


Advanced warranty replacement.  If a part needs shipping in the first year of ownership, we send the new part out first.


Standard Warranty Replacement. After 30 days, the defective part is sent to us, repaired, or replaced and sent back.


If a part or system is being refunded, this is the wording to use.


Grab a blank piece of paper and a permanent marker and clearly write out the following information.

  • Type of warranty return AWR, SWR, REFUND, followed by your order ID number. (located on the Build Redux sticker on your case’s side panel.)
  • Your name.
  • Your address.

Once filled out, place this paper inside of your box.


Close the box and tape it shut using packing tape.

·         Add 2-3 layers of tape across the top sides of the box.  

·         Add 2-3 extra layers of tape to the bottom/ all sides as well.


Write the same information you put inside the box on the outside of the box.

·         Use a permanent marker so the writing does not rub off.

·         Write the information on at least 2 sides of the box.


Your package should be properly packed and ready for shipping.


If you have any questions or there is any additional information you would like to know. Don’t hesitate to contact use. Our team will be happy to help.