🛠 Returning your PC for RMA

Build Redux

PC Packaging Guide



If you are returning your Build Redux system back to us for repairs or upgrades, Please contact our team first to schedule a return service. It is critical that you use the original box and packaging that your system came with.

Please note: If you have thrown away your original box, you will be charged a replacement fee. Additionally, Failure to return your system using the original box may cause damage to your system that is not covered under warranty.

*In addition, failure to package any separate hardware competently may cause shipping damage to your product. Physical damage due to shipping will not be covered under warranty.

If you threw out your box and need a new one;

Please contact one of our support agents to assist you via (Submit Request) or email (support@buildredux.com)


STEP 1: Open your PC box and take everything out.



STEP 2: There should be 3-4 items in your box.


  1. Internal foam. If you threw away your box and purchased a new one. You will not have this item. These are custom fit to your exact PC at our factory and don’t come with replacement boxes. You will receive a new one once your system ships back from us.
  2. Top external foam protection
  3. Bottom external foam protection
  4. Protective cloth drawstring bag


STEP 3: If you have the internal foam, we will need to install it before shipping. Gently hold the Glass panel to the case with one hand while unscrewing the 2 thumb screws until they are loose from the case.  You don’t need to remove the screws from the glass.


As seen above, hold the glass with one hand while removing the screws. The glass sits on a bracket at the bottom of the case and should stay in place without falling over. It’s still good to brace the glass with your hand as a safety precaution. 


Screws are imbedded in glass. Don’t remove screws from glass panel.



STEP 4: Grab the glass panel firmly with both hands. Pull it away from the PC and gently set it aside.



STEP 5: Grab the internal foam. Each one will look a little different. The foam was originally formed to fit around your video card. If you look closely at the below photo, you can see the indents made by the video card and video card power cables when the foam was initially formed.



In the below photo you can more clearly the indents the video card originally made when the foam was formed. Look for these same indents in your foam.



Align the foam so it fits around the video card and gently slide it into the system.



Gently push the foam into your PC until it’s fully inserted. Make sure all the plastic edges are inside the PC.



*NOTE* Some systems may have 2 internal foam pieces that need to be installed.

Some systems may have 2 pieces of internal packaging foam to install. The process will be similar to the above steps, but with an additional piece of foam to install.

mceclip10.png mceclip11.png

With the first piece of foam installed around the graphics card, hold the second piece up to the computer and orient it so fits over the first piece of foam. Above you can see the foam has an L shape that fills the space along the top of the computer.

Push the second piece of foam fully into the system until its sits flush inside the case. If the foam does not fit fully in the case. Pull it out. Check to make sure the first piece of foam is fully seated and installed correctly, then try to install the 2nd piece again.


STEP 6: Grab your system’s Glass panel and align it next to your PC as shown below.



The Build Redux side panel has a bracket that sits on a small metal rail along the bottom of your PC.



Gently place the Glass panel’s bracket on the rail along the bottom of your Build Redux case.



Once on the case, the glass panel can slide slightly from left to right, align the side panel screws with the holes in your case.



Gently push the glass panel up against the chassis and tighten both side panel screws.



STEP 7: Grab the Build Redux cloth bag and pull it over your PC



Pull the bag all the way down.



STEP 8:  Next, we need to grab the external piece of foam that will cover the top of your PC. The top piece is seen below on the left. It is noticeably taller.


mceclip20.png mceclip21.png

The foam is angled on one side to fit around the case front panel. This angled end goes toward the front of the PC. 

Place the top foam piece on top of the PC and press it down until it is firmly in place.


STEP 9: slowly and gently flip the PC upside down.



STEP 10: Pull the drawstring tightly closed and tie it in a knot.



STEP 11: Repeat the same process with the other piece of external foam.

mceclip25.png mceclip26.png

The foam is angled on one side to fit around the case front panel. This angled end goes toward the front of the PC. 

Place the top foam piece on top of the PC and press it down until it is firmly in place.


STEP 12: Place your Build Redux box on its side and fully open all flaps. Place your Build Redux PC at the opening to the box. Your Build Redux PC front panel should be facing out, away from the box. You can check which is the front or back by feeling for the angled front panel through the cloth. 



STEP 13: Gently lift our Build Redux PC up and slide it forward into the box.



Push your PC all the way into the box.



STEP 14: Gently rotate your Build Redux PC box until the open end is facing upwards.



STEP 15: If needed for repair or if you are returning the PC, place the Accessory box inside your PC box.



STEP 16: We can now close the PC box. First, close the two end flaps.



Next close the panel with the embedded plastic handle.



Now close the remaining panel. You may need to pull the latching tab out of the way.



Push the latching tab in place, securing the top carboard.



STEP 17:  Tape the box closed using packing tape. Do not use scotch, painters, or other tape. Only Use Packing tape.



Tape down all 3 sides of the Box top and the Middle tab as well.  To best protect the Box during shipping Add several layers of tape.  It is very important that the box is taped securely, otherwise it may open during shipping, causing heavy damage.

If you are not sure you used enough, add more tape!



STEP 18: The final step is to affix the return shipping label to your box. Depending on your situation, either a return label was printed out and mailed to you with your new box, or our team emailed you a return shipping label to be printed on your end.

You will either have a paper label sent to you along with a plastic bag to attach the label, or you will have a digital PDF label emailed to you that can be printed and attached either at your house or at a FEDEX shipping facility.  



If you have a Plastic bag sent with your label, follow the below steps.

mceclip39.png mceclip40.png

Fold the Printed label in half.

Open the top of your plastic bag.

mceclip41.png mceclip42.png

Slide the Shipping label inside the bag. Make sure the label and bar codes are facing out as seen in the photo. 

Fold the top flap over and seal it closed. Make sure the flap Is stuck down along its entire length.

mceclip43.png mceclip44.png

Flip the bag over and peel the protective paper off the sticky pads on the back.

Place the shipping label on the end of your box as seen above. *Note* If you have an old shipping label, either remove it or place the new label on top of it.

*NOTE* It is very important that you remove or cover over any old shipping labels on your box.


Press the entire label firmly into the box. Go over the entire label with your hand, making sure every inch and all corners are firmly stuck to the box. You don’t want the label coming off in shipping.


If you instead were sent a digital shipping label, you can either print it out and tape it to your box using clear packaging tape or take the box and digital shipping label to a FEDEX shipping center and have them print/ apply the label for you.


If applying the label yourself, again, be sure to either remove or cover up any existing shipping labels with the new label. Also use only clear packaging tape. Smaller scotch tape may be too opaque to clearly read and scan the label/ barcode.

Your system should now be safely packed and ready for safe transport back to our facility. If you have any questions or would like any additional information:

Please contact one of our support agents to assist you via (Submit Request) or email (support@buildredux.com)